Service & Revalve

Side by Side, UTV and Off-roaders


In order to keep your suspension in good shape a suspension service is recommended after every 30-40 hours of driving depending on the type of driving you do. Past this point you could experience loss of dampening and extra wear on the internal parts. Professional racing requires a rebuild after 10 hours of riding. Rebuild maintenance will keep your ride consistent and help to eliminate excessive wear of component items such as shock body and shock shaft.

Shock Service
This includes disassembly, complete cleaning, we polish your shock shaft, we inspect and measure the service limits of parts, and replace shock suspension fluid and set nitrogen pressure. Worn parts are replaced, fatigued valving is replaced in stock configuration (standard valving configurations are retained). The shock is then reassembled using genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer parts; these may include oil seal, seal case o-ring, shaft bushing, piston ring and o-ring. Fatigued valving is replaced in compression and rebound stacks.
Service from $195.50*