Welcome to Moto SR we have been working on the Honda CRF 250/300 rally and upgraded the suspension and made a huge change to the way the bike rides and handles awesome little adventure bike.

If you’d like to improve your riding experience. Get in touch with us today! Cost for Suspension upgrade varies and is ONLY available in New Zealand through Moto SR Suspension includes fork spring, shock spring, fitting and revalve of forks and shock. Cost around $1100-1200 NZD

This is the spring kit for the CRF 250/300 that we can install into the front fork and will make a big change in the front end

making the bike firmer and hold up better over bumps and when breaking,

we also can revalve the forks for even better performance and handling.

With a revalve and a spring change on the CRF 250/300 is another big change

and really makes this bike feel good and not like a pogo stick,

we make changes based on the type of riding you are doing and make these bikes perfect for you and your style.

contact us today about your bike by filling out the form bellow we would love to make your bike awesome.