Want to improve your Honda CRF1000 / CRF1100 Africa Twin suspension? Upgrade with Moto SR Suspension

Welcome to Moto SR Suspension. Your adventure bike suspension specialists. We first tested and developed the Africa Twin back in 2016. Since then we’ve continued to develop and improve this awesome bike. Whether you have a Sport or standard model, we can help.

Moto SR customizes the stock suspension with correct spring rates and valving to suit your weight, speed and type of riding. We can internally lower your suspension if needed. If you’d like to improve your riding experience.

Get in touch with us today! Cost for Suspension upgrade varies and is ONLY available in New Zealand.


Suspension servicing. keep it fresh & working to its full potential (Recommended every 10 to 15 thousand km)

Springs to suit rider weight and luggage

Custom revalve to suit your personal preference, riding style & different terrains

Suspension lowering. Internally lowered to suit your requirements.


Improved traction and rider comfort. Noticeably on gravel and corrugations.

Feels lighter, more nimble. Way more fun to ride.

More compliant and easier to ride.

Moto SR has customized suspension for MANY NZ customers. The feedback and results speaks for themselves.