Service & Revalve

Motocross, Enduro & Trail

How’s your suspension? Leaking seals? Feeling a bit sad? Too soft? Too Hard? Or just needs a good service? We can replace those leaking seals, service your suspension with quality parts worked on by trained suspension technicians. Ask MotoSR about improving your ride with custom suspension upgrades for your motocross, enduro or trail bike.

We can offer options to suit your budget that will make your suspension better than the stock, out-of-the-crate suspension you are currently dealing with.

Motorcycle forks and shocks both need regular servicing to keep them in good safe working condition. Think: how often do I can my motorcycle’s engine oil? It’s no different for your suspension!

Read more about our motorcycle suspension services for motocross, enduro and trail bikes below or contact the team to book in your bike today.